A revolutionary alloy for lighter wheels


The aluminium industry aims to be part of the solution for greener mobility. To this end, it is key to develop alloys which enable the weight reduction of automotive parts while maintaining - or even enhancing - their other properties.

Rio Tinto Aluminium’s chief executive Alf Barrios said: “As we partner with customers we’re seeing an increasing demand for specialised alloys to meet their specific needs. Developing these products is at the heart of our business.”

In May 2019, a new high strength aluminium alloy part of the 3xx Series Alloys, named “Revolution-Al™” was introduced. Due to improved properties, it enables the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to reduce the weight of a wheel by 7%. This new aluminium alloy is 15 to 20% stronger than a traditional wheel alloy (A356.2). It is also suitable for other market segments (ex. chassis parts such as suspension or braking parts, tools).

Benefits include:

  • A lighter wheel with a 7% weight reduction compared to a standard design—resulting in improved fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emission
  • Wheel design improvements with opportunities to enhance visual appearance, wheel performance, vehicle handling, and maneuverability while reducing CO2 emissions and tire wear;
  • Easy and cost-efficient manufacturing solution: seamless transition with existing casting processes and tooling, favouring a quick adoption.






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