Our members are the cornerstones of European Aluminium. They steer the association through their participation in horizontal Committees and the three Market Groups. They gather experts from the industry and take responsibility for a number of different areas.


The position of Chair of our association has a 2-year term. Mr Emilio Braghi (Novelis) has been appointed European Aluminium Chair for the term 2019-2020. 

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee has responsibility for the direction and management of the interests of the association and for taking decisions not reserved to the General Assembly. The Committee also ensures the proper implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly. 

The Committee reports back to the General Assembly on the strategy and the annual work programme of the association and submits the annual budget and accounts.

Members of the Executive Committee for the term 2019-2020:

  • Emilio Braghi (Novelis) - Chair
  • Roberta Niboli (Raffmetal) - Vice-Chair
  • Peter Basten (Constellium) - Treasurer
  • Constantin Catsaros (Elval)
  • Egil Hogna (Norsk Hydro)
  • Jack Govers (Aleris)
  • Philipp Schlüter (Trimet)
  • Simon Pelletier (Rio Tinto, Aluminium)
  • Tómas Már Sigurdsson (Alcoa)
  • Rob van Gils (HAI)
  • István Katus (Arconic)
  • Roman Stiftner (National Associations)

Chairs of Divisions, Market Groups and Committees for the term 2019-2020:

Primary Division

E. Madsen (Norsk Hydro)

Extrusion Division

P. Warton (Constellium)

Rolling Division

P. Wagner (Hydro)

Recycling Division

F. Petterson (Stena Aluminium)

Packaging Market Group

A. Doran (Novelis)

Automotive & Transport Market Group

D. Höll (Constellium)

Building Market Group

Co-Chair for Building Systems: E. Rasker (Reynaers)

Co-Chair for Flat Products: N. Janssens (Aleris)

Advisory & Strategic Committee

M. Lambelet (Novelis)

Standards Committee

D. Van Nieuwerburgh (Aleris)

PA & COM Group

A. Jahr (Alcoa)

Environment, Health and Safety

S. Massambi (Constellium)

Sustainability Committee

R. Garcia Piñeiro (Alcoa)

Data Management Committee

Chair (primary):  R. Wondracek (Trimet)


Co-Chair: P. Meyer (Aleris) & L. Demange (Rio Tinto)

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