Anti-dumping and anti-subsidy

Anti-dumping and anti-subsidy: supporting free and fair trade

Europe’s aluminium industry is innovative, a leading employer and a major contributor to Europe’s COP21 ambitions. However, it faces threats from unfair competition. State-financed dumping undermines Europe’s trade defence and seriously harms its ability to protect jobs, innovative business and entire industrial value chains.

European Aluminium is fully in favour of free trade, however it must be fair. Effective trade defence instruments – including solid and predictable anti-dumping and anti-subsidy legislation – are essential to ensure free and fair trade.

To highlight the hazard that unfair dumping from countries like China poses to the European economy, European Aluminium has joined AEGIS Europe. AEGIS is an alliance of manufacturers from more than 30 sectors, including steel, ceramics, solar panels, car parts, train builders, textiles, bicycles and many others.

What we want from the new methodology

  • Ensure new anti-dumping and anti-subsidy methodology is effective, predictable and in compliance with WTO law;
  • Apply non-standard anti-dumping methodology automatically to imports from countries that do not fulfil the EU’s 5 market economy criteria;
  • Ensure that neither EU industry or the European Commission bear the burden of proof; exporting country producers should justify the use of their prices and costs;
  • European Commission should present draft country/sector reports prior to a change in methodology and adopt only after consultation with the European Parliament and Council;
  • Maintain an effective level of protection against unfair dumping in cases of non-cooperation.
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