Founded in 2015, the Innovation Hub is proactive community of innovative companies from across Europe’s aluminium value chain. Our goal is to trigger research projects that advance a sustainable future and tackle technological challenges, thereby advancing the industry’s Sustainability Roadmap to 2025. Learn about our industry’s innovation goals and challenges in our mapping document.

But the Innovation Hub would not be complete without its key stakeholders: policymakers, experts and research institutes. Only by working together as a part of an innovation-focused community can we hope to put aluminium at the centre of a sustainable Europe.


  • Academia and research institutes: Submit project ideas for improving the aluminium value chain
  • Companies and experts: Exchange innovative ideas around aluminium, particularly on enabling technologies
  • Policymakers: Discover the advantages of aluminium and help develop funding programmes and instruments to realise this potential
  • Aluminium industry: Are you a member of European Aluminium? You can become an Innovation Hub supporting member

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Improving resource efficiency

Energy and resource efficiency is of key importance for our industry. The Innovation Hub has joined the European Commission’s SPIRE (Sustainable Process Industry Resource and Energy Efficiency) platform, bringing together eight sectors of the process industry seeking to innovative technologies to improve resource and energy efficiency.

Case study: REMOVAL


Started in May 2018, RemovAL is an EU Horizon 2020 project which aims to remove all waste streams from the aluminium industry, thus moving it towards a circular economy model and vastly improving its environmental performance.

The project addresses technological barriers by combining and advancing existing technologies for the sustainable processing of bauxite residue, spent pot linings and other by-products from the primary aluminium production. 

European Aluminium is directly involved in the project with 3 members of the Innovation Hub.

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Developing sustainable products

The industry is continuously developing advanced aluminium alloys to make products more sustainable and durable.

To drive this, our Innovation Hub is part of the ‘Factories of the Future’ platform. This helps EU manufacturing enterprises, particularly SMEs, develop the key enabling technologies to adapt to global competition.

Energy efficient buildings

Almost a quarter of all the aluminium used in Europe goes into construction. As a building material, aluminium provides the look of modern cites and makes buildings more energy efficient.

Our Innovation Hub is part of ‘Energy-efficient Buildings’ (EeB), a partnership between the European Commission and the private sector, represented by the Energy Efficient Buildings Association (E2BA). This promotes solutions that enhance energy efficiency, durability, comfort, safety and reduced maintenance.

Promoting innovation along the value chain

As part of the Innovation Hub activities, European Aluminium has developed an animation showing the major innovations under deployment or development which will make aluminium a key enabler to a more sustainable society in Europe.

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